Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Joshua is 3!

Our dear sweet boy is now a 3 year old!
We love his bubbly personality and caring spirit. He loves his sister very much and Dena just adores him right back. It is a wonderful thing to see! So many cautioned about him possibly becoming jealous of a second person to take my attention away but we have not witnessed that yet.

Some pictures from the past year that we love...

 A kiss for the little girlie (when Dena was about 2months old)

His favorite thing to do... take apart and put back together the game pieces  

He loves his numbers!

Friday, February 10, 2017

Joshua learning his Alphabet

Monday, February 6, 2017

Odds and ends from the past few months

This kid loves holding his sister! She on the other hand might not enjoy it so much at this stage...lol

We made a gingerbread house during the holidays. Joshua wanted all the gumdrops!

Can you spot Joshua's contribution to the banana pile?

New way to park cars

Trying on Uncle Dan's motorcycle helmet and gloves, this kid is ecstatic when he sees motorcycles!

Trying out the baby toys...

He poured his own bowl of cereal and milk that day... a little cereal with his milk?!?

This little 6 month lady received her first tooth the other day!
She is in the 80% for height and 20% for weight. She weighs 14 lbs compared to Joshua at this age who was 19lbs!! Because of how small she is in comparison to what Joshua was we still feel like we have a wee babe in the house. She is very happy and lovable. Her laugh and smile are contagious and she just brings joy where ever she goes. 
My favorite is walking up the steps from the church basement and walking past groups of elderly women who ohh and ahh over Dena, she gives it right back to them with a huge cheesy grin, making their day!

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

6 month old!

Our little princess is 6 months old already! 
It is hard to believe in one way, yet we couldn't imagine life without this smiley spunky active little girl.

Here are a few pictures I took in December when she turned 5 months.

Joshua trying to take a picture of Dena with my phone..lol

Giving kisses


Tuesday, December 6, 2016

4 months old and randoms

Little Dena was 4 months old on November 24, which was our Thanksgiving holiday. We traveled south to my mom's side of the family for a wonderful meal and fellowship. Dena decided she was not going to nap for me so several of the ladies took turns holding and rocking and my Aunt was able to get her to sleep for about 30 minutes.

 Joshua has been increasing his vocabulary by the day! He now tells me to "listen to Joshua" when I tell him to "listen to mommy". While that is all cute for a time, you realize the human nature of these kids showing up so early and resisting obedience. We love him just the same and thank the Lord for his presence among us. Our lives would not be the same without either of these kids.

Dena's new thing

 Joshua decided to try out the exersaucer

Joshua loves to go into the basement and open up the boxes of games and play with the pieces.. 

Fun times with cousin Marvin

That little tongue

Jolena and Marvin had a baby girl at the end of October... 
Autumn Grace

Jimmy going night night

Joshua poured his own milk...

"Go running mommy? Go running?"

This happens quite frequently now that mommy has another child to take care of and daddy has to work

 What I walk into after a nap

Uncle Dan's motorcycle helmet and gloves.. this boy LOVES uncle Dan's bike!
(no worries, he has only sat on the bike while parked.. no riding it just yet!)

Using baby Dena as a pillow

The first thing he wants to do when Dena wakes up from a sleep is hold her and give her a hug and kiss

She is on the move

One morning, Joshua decided to pour not only his own bowl of cereal but also his daddy's bowl of cereal with milk..let's just say he needed more cereal to finish the milk. This was all done while I was caring for Dena in the other room and was oblivious to this. There's a first for everything!

Here you go Auntie Ish!